Zapper makes it quicker and easier for your customers to pay for their meals. But besides a great user experience, Zapper also helps increase revenues at your
restaurant through greater efficiencies and targeted promotions.

Zapper allows your customers to pay using their
without having to call the waiter back
to the table. Zapper even supports splitting the bill.

Customers scan the QR code on their bill with the
Zapper app
to pay instantly. They get an immediate
notification of successful payment, and so does the

Wait-staff have more time to provide excellent service,
tables turn quicker and your customers are happy for the

So how does it work?

Zapper's light-touch solution fits seamlessly into your existing POS system. A Zapper QR code gets added to your paper bill. Your customers can then Scan, Pay and Go!

Both you and your customer get notified instantly of payment success and they are free to leave.

If required, Zapper can allow customers to leave a tip for service. There is also a handy feature to make splitting the bill quick and simple.

The benefits of Zapper do not end when the customers leave. Zapper's merchant portal and CRM provides useful analytics and can be used to drive further custom.